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Angela Rizza

BFA Fashion Institute 2011

Lives & works in Fishkill, NY

My work is inspired greatly by the wildlife around my home and my favorite stories I read growing up. When working on children's books, I create images that appeals to my inner child, drawings with lots of details, color, and quality that captures the attention of the viewer. My process is hand inking with brush and pen my line work then I apply my colors digitally. When I'm not freelancing I teach illustration at the Fashion Institute and I am apprenticing to become a tattoo artist.

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Fashion Institute of Technology ~ Adjunct Professor 2020 - Present
Iron Butterfly NY ~ Tattoo Apprentice - Present

Easton Press ~ Pride and Prejudice book

DK ~ An Anthology of Extraordinary Earth book

Storey Publishing ~ Cool Cosmic Tattoos 2023 book

Weird City Games ~ Leaf art
Z2 Comics and Melissia Etheridge ~ Poster for comic
All Or None Games ~ Hidden Ark, art and box 2021
DK ~ Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Life, 2021

Green Meadow Games - Dawn card, box and ad artwork

Callisto Media ~ Drawing For Teens 2021
Callisto Media ~ Portrait Drawing for Kids 2020
Callisto Media ~ Drawing The Figure For Kids 2020
DK ~ Mysteries of the Universe 2020
Hallmark ~ Thanksgiving card 2019
Cricket Magazine ~ Interior illustrations Oct 2019
DK ~ The Wonders of Nature 2019 
Criterion ~ Godzilla vs Mothra dvd cover 2019
Society6 ~ Flipside/Artist Quarterly 4.2 cover and interior 2019
Society6 ~ Flipside/Artist Quarterly 4.1 interior 2019
Black Milk Clothing ~ Clothing collaboration
Criterion ~ The Princess Bride 2018
Papyrus ~ Halloween Card 2018
DK ~ An Anthology of Intriguing Animals 2018
Sterling Publishing ~ Solar System 2018
Sterling Publishing ~ Under The Sea 2018 
Learning A-Z ~ 'I Named Her Rapunzel' illustrations 2018
Lumieres ~ Science Podcast 2018 - Present
The Darkness ~ Card Game 2018
Counting With Common Cents: Dime's Quest ~ Childrens Book Illustrator 2017
Capstone ~ Book covers 2017
Sterling Publishing ~ Super Scratch Art: Nature 2017
Sterling Publishing ~ Super Scratch Art: Mythical Creatures 2017
Deviant Art/ Blizzard ~ Promotional Illustration for Diablo III, Necromancer 2017
Buster Books ~ Book of Prehistoric Beasts 2017
Boom Studios ~ Adventure Time Comics #7, Incentives Page, 2016
Brendan Bennet ~ Album cover "The Ebb, The Flow, & The Afterglow"
Built By Titan ~ The Boy And The Wolf video, illustration
Buster Books ~ Book of Beasts 2016
DeviantArt ~ Winner of The Last Witch Hunter Contest
The Money Tree: Nick's Journey ~ Children's Book Illustrator, 2017
DeviantArt/ NBC Universal ~ Winner of Dracula Untold Contest, artwork used for promotion of movie.
Blackbird Raum ~ Album Artwork for vinyl 2015
Serenade NYC ~ Logo design for theater
DeviantArt ~ First place winner of Witches of East End contest. Artwork used on tv show. 2014
YMCA Combe ~ Visual Arts Instructor, 2014-2016
Built By Titan ~ Artwork for video, 2014
The Money Tree: Pennys Journey/Common Cents For Change ~ Children's Book Illustrator, 2015 (EIFLE Award Winner)
Race Point Publishing ~ Interior Artwork for 'Middle-Earth Envisioned', 2013
The Dead Come To Life ~ Artwork for Jonathan Thulin's music video, 2013
Del Toro ~ Third place winner of Del Toro's Scared Stiff competition, 2013
Bioware ~ Illustrated 'Home is a State of Mind' for Mass Effect's character, Tali, 2012

Shows and Events
Society of Illustrators Annual ~ Aureate, Book, 2019
Light Grey Art Lab, Minneapolis ~ Arboretum, March 2018
Society of Illustrators Annual ~ Tipsy Turaco, Unpublished, 2018
Light Grey Art Lab, Minneapolis ~ Swarm, October 2017
Illustration West ~ Comsic Egg, 2017
Light Grey Art Lab, Minneapolis ~ Gilded, December 2016
Light Grey Art Lab, Minneapolis ~ Midnight, October 2016
Light Grey Art Lab, Minneapolis ~ Tiny Homes, September 2016
Light Grey Art Lab, Minneapolis ~ Botanica, June 2016
Light Grey Art Lab, Minneapolis ~ Skate or Die, October 2014
Spectrum21, The Owl Princess
Light Grey Art Lab, Minneapolis ~ Omnibus Treasury, June 2014
Light Grey Art Lab, Minneapolis ~ Animystics, April 2014
MoCCAfest, NY ~ April 2014
Light Grey Art Lab, Minneapolis ~ Station Zero, July 2013
MoCCAfest, NY ~ April 2013
Light Grey Art Lab, Minneapolis ~ Macro + Micro Exhibition, April 2013
Light Grey Art Lab, Minneapolis ~ Beyond Beauty, March 2013
Light Grey Art Lab, Minneapolis ~ Girls: Fact or Fiction, November 2012
Hot One Inch Action, NY ~ NYC Button Show, Fall 2012
Light Grey Art Lab, Minneapolis ~ Tarot, Mystics, and The Occult, October 2012
Fashion Institute Senior Show, NY ~ May 2011


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